Chicken Coop Perks

When we first thought about getting chickens years ago, my vote was a resounding yes because there is nothing that can compare to a fresh egg.  I love to cook, and a ready supply of fresh eggs is heaven.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or desserts are always possible with a few fresh eggs and a repertoire of simple recipes.

Last week we had a wonderful new acquaintance join us for lunch.  It was a busy day, but there were some handy ingredients in the fridge.  So, with some minor prep time, we had an easy but delicious feast.  Here’s how it went. In the fridge I saw a box of Trader Joe’s ready to eat lentils.  I had some goat cheese.  I had some greens—in this case some mache, but that sounds kind of fancy and any greens would have worked.  I had eggs.  Great stuff.  Warmed some olive oil, added some chopped garlic and onion.  Could have added carrots or celery or parsley.  The lentils.  A little free-range chicken broth to make a nice moist stew-like consistency.  Yum. Put the greens on the plate.  Sprinkle over the lentil stew, then some crumbled goat cheese.  Since everything was soft, I wanted to add crispy fried eggs for contrast.

To make crispy fried eggs—heat about ½ inch of olive oil over high heat, then break your eggs into the hot oil.  They immediately get crunchy on the outside—turn if necessary until cooked to your liking.  After you put the eggs on the salad, spoon some of the warm olive oil and a little balsamic or sherry vinegar over the salad too.  This is peasant food at its best.   It was wonderful.


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